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Our director's life mission

Jordan Bright (Managing Director) and his father, Simon.

I’ve never been motivated by money, I have always been about helping people. I think I got it from my father. Growing up he would always actively look out for or create opportunities for me whether it would be me jumping on the tools with him to earn pocket money or him befriending a famous composer at the pub just so he could persuade them to let me be their assistant at Abbey Road Studios. He loved it and did it not want anything in return.

I think helping people or creating opportunities is now in my blood. I will talk myself out of a job if it is more beneficial to the clients goal, I will always choose doing lots of little small tasks that would make lots of other people happy rather than doing something that would earn me lots of money. Capture House have more work experience people than any other employer I know and we take part, support and host many charity events every year.

This can also be seen with how passionate I am with my community work with Great Dunmow Round Table. Two of the people I respect most, Andy and Shaun both said to me if I applied the passion I put into Round Table into Capture House, it would be a completely different business. Thus me creating our company why.

“We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to achieve their goals in life”​

We want to help business owners get to the stage so they can improve their family’s life, so their workforce can reap the benefits of working for a successful business, so their business can support and invest in their community etc. We all want to see good people achieve good things and that’s what we want help them achieve.

We will do this by making their business look bigger and better by creating them irresistible content with their company values and goals at their core. Content that resonates with their ideal clients. Content that allows them to achieve their goals.

I don’t just want this why to be external. I want to create a business so that my staff can achieve their ambitions in life, feel fulfilled, be proud to work for Capture House and live and breathe the values we stand for.

All I want to do is help people, it makes sense to base my business around that.

Emma (wife) and Noah (son).

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